Date: Wed, 29 Mar 1995 03:12:37 EST

From: kim mckinzey 74525.1614[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]COMPUSERVE.COM

Subject: Re: ADS-L: Help with chicken salad?

Just joined the discussion. Can't add anything about the s'mores (I used to

love 'em) or the salad shooter, but noticed that no one really responded re

Chinese chicken salad. It's become very popular over the last year or so and

thus more prevalent. My recipe (originally from Hong Kong) is chicken steamed

with ginger, cooled and shredded; blanched almonds, green onions, chopped

lettuce, toasted sesame seeds, and deep fried rice sticks. The dressing is oil,

sugar, and salt. Best salad in the world. There are many many variations

served in restaurants, but they all have the chicken, lettuce, and deep fried

rice sticks. Dressings vary as well. Don't know about the one served at Planet

Hollywood, but I'd bet it's in the same family.

Rice sticks are rice noodles that if boiled end up soft and noodle-like. If

they're deep fried, however, they puff up in a second or two. Much fun to


Hope that helps.

Rima McKinzey