Date: Sun, 26 Mar 1995 21:57:43 -0500

From: Leo Horishny Leo_Horishny[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]POL.COM

Subject: Re: Creme Soda

I went to the store and addition to my

previous elusive search for a thick shake I added an even more elusive search

for a bottle of Barq's Creme Soda.--Yvette

I may be straying off the reason for this list with the following, but Yvette

does bring up a pertinent regionalism with her creme soda (pseudo) comment.

Red pop is NOT creme soda! Ick.

When we first moved to Cincinnati, I had to make an effort to find real creme

soda, not that red, sweet, stuff like

Barq's. I was a big creme soda fan growing up, but we didn't have anything

like Vernor's (interesting) or Red pop (NOT).

And then there's my first experience eating a "coney dog" after moving here,

especially considering my fond childhood memories of visiting the real Coney

Island with my grandparents when I was younger and sampling Coney Island

chili dogs. Needless to say, the locals who introduced me to Cincinnati

"chili" were surprised at

my disappointment when I saw a Cincinnati coney dog.

I better get off this topic...I'm getting hungry and pushing the language

envelope here g

leo_horishny[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]