Date: Sun, 26 Mar 1995 15:47:22 PST

From: "Jim Ague, ague[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE], Col Spgs,


Subject: Re: had the biscuit

In another, fairly respectable conference, about a year ago I learned of a

"game" played at English boys schools that might explain the phrase "had the

biscuit." It's an extremely vulgar game, so vulgar in fact, I'm not sure today

whether the author was pulling the conference's collective leg or not.

Those easily offended regarding what teen-age males might do, should not read


The fellow claimed that at the school he attended, they had this game where

they would place a biscuit (which I think can mean cookie in England) in the

center of a group of boys. The last one to ejaculate onto the biscuit, had to

eat it.

-- Jim