Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 15:09:46 -0600

From: "Timothy C. Frazer" mftcf[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UXA.ECN.BGU.EDU

Subject: Re: 'see' or 'say'

William H. Smith reported Georgia vowel variation such that "see" becomes

/sai/ and "say" becomes /saei/, where ae=ash. I thought I heard sg.

similar from my niece in Atlanta and from others, but the onset was

closer to schwa or [^], in any case more retracted from what Bill reports.

I've heard this from Texans too. I wonder if we are hearng the same

thing but differing in how we might transcribe it, or is it simply a

different phenomenon?

(Pardon my syntax in this post. Brain meltdown.)

Tim Frazer