Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 01:10:58 -0500

From: Leo Horishny Leo_Horishny[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]POL.COM

Subject: T.E.N.E.T.S.

In Eastern Mass a frappe is not runny; a milkshake is. In Western Mass, a

milkshake is thick like a frappe.

To this comment, Yvette wrote:

I've lived in New England for about twenty-four years and have yet to have a

THICK shake anywhere in the area. I originally come from Ohio where a thick

shake meant that you sucked and sucked on a straw trying to get the stuff up

it. When confronted with my first frappe (they told me it was a thick shake)

I was appalled at how runny it was. Sending it back I gave them directions

and told them to put in three scoops of ice cream (some malt, since I wanted

it malted), a drop or two of milk and then put it on the multimixer briefly.

I was told they did as instructed but it still came back runny, though a

little thicker. I told them, "This isn't thick." Thwy wore it was thickest

they'd ever made and were surprised I would complain.

MUCH STUFF CUT. But then...

and you have to be turning red with the effort with

a big vein sticking out your neck and even sometimes running up the side of

your head trying to depressurize the straw enough to bring the contents up

it. That is a thick shake. So, to date, my efforts for a thick shake in New

England have been disappointing (and Yes, I've been to the Holy Cow in

Gloucester, MA, and it wasn't thick enough).--Yvette

So, Yvette, tell us how you REALLY feel about milkshakes in New England.


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