Date: Tue, 14 Mar 1995 08:37:51 -0500

From: jeffrey howard allen jhallen[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UCS.INDIANA.EDU

Subject: language and society text

Take a look at Ralph Fasold's books that came out in the 80s. One is

titled "The sociolinguistics of society" (1984) Basil Blackwell.

The other is entitled "The sociolingustics of language". I can't

remember the exact year, but it was also published through BB.

The interesting thing with these texts is that he wrote them to be

textbooks and actually created a whole series of questions for tests and

quizzes. All you need to do is write to him at Georgetown and ask him

for the Mastery Question diskette for these two books and he will send

the tests to you. He mentioned this set of tests in the introduction of

one of the books.

Also FYI. I have translated these questions into French for a

set of beginning and advanced Sociolinguistics courses that I developed

and taught at the SIL school in France.

I can find Fasold's address at Georgetown Univ. if anyone is


Jeff Allen