Date: Mon, 13 Mar 1995 06:35:52 -0600

From: Joan Livingston-Webber webber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CWIS.UNOMAHA.EDU

Subject: Sam Hill

For what it's worth, I keep thinking of a song, British I think,

about a cynical and nasty murderer going to be hanged named

Sam Hall. There are several versions. In one the chorus goes:

My name is Samuel Hall. It is Sam Hall. (repeat)

My name it is Sam Hall and I hate you one and all.

You're a bunch of muckers all. God damn your eyes.

I don't when the song or the expression Sam Hill started, but I've

started hearing the song in my head everytime I read a post about

Where in Sam Hill ....

My father used to use the expression. He moderated his language

around children (most of the time).


Joan Livingston-Webber webber[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

"What gets better is the precision with which we vex each other."

-Clifford Geertz