Date: Thu, 9 Mar 1995 09:22:07 GMT+1200

From: Tim Behrend t.behrend[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AUCKLAND.AC.NZ

Subject: Re: DARE queries--maple seeds

Polywogs it is--for the maple seeds you stuck on your nose. . . at

least on LI

in the 40's but my sister (b. 1949) called them something else.

Polywogs are

what my grandfather (b. 1885 Brooklyn) called tadpoles, but he came

from a New

Englanf family.


Polywogs in my neighborhood (Cleveland, 1960s) were, and remain, the

form of the maturing frog between tadpole and full frogdom, i.e.,

when they have legs and look almost like an adult, but still have the

tail. We used to catch them all the time, take them home in buckets.

Tim Behrend

University of Auckland