Date: Sat, 4 Mar 1995 01:05:23 EST


Subject: DARE Queries

I have just this week read belatedly NADS, and so therefore my reply

to a query about an item for DARE may be redundant. (I finally

figured out what all the little stuff was about--in my family we have

a similar pattern of use. I have an uncle Jerry, who named his first son

also Jerry. All along the son was called Little Jerry, but only as a

form of reference, not address. As he has grown up and, by the by,

become an excellent graphic artist, the little appellation in reference

to him has been dropped, but on occasion, this change has resulted in

ambiguity of reference in conversation.)

The editors of DARE find only one (if I remember correctly, sitting

here at my terminal at one in the morning as I take a break from entering

LANCS data (at least the Kentucky part) into the database I am creating)

reference to a "loose meat sandwich." What is a "loose meat sandwich"?

I don't know. But I would suggest asking ROSEANNE or the writers of the

show. For Roseanne, and her compatriots, opened a loose meat sandwich

shop last season, or the one before. As this show has an Iowa base

(does this hold after the Arnold's divorce--what happened to their

restaurant?), the idea for this sandwich may be Midwestern. But

where does Iowa fit, dialectally?




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