Date: Thu, 3 Mar 1994 09:41:06 CDT


Subject: Family in the gay sense

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A quick look in the Peter Tamony Collection has produced three cites

for "homosexual family." San Francisco Examiner, 15 April 1980, p. 1

continued on page 10. "A Hard Look/Hot controversy for conference:

What is a family?" This story revolves around Carter's White House

Conference on Families. "[Alec] Velasquez said he asked those

appointing delegates to consider the diversity of Califronia in making

their selections 'representative of the socioeconomic and the ethnic

population of the state and the broad and distinct types of families,

the single-parent families, the unwed families, gay families, intact

families, blended families.'"

California Living Magazine, part of the San Francisco Sunday

Examiner and Chronicle, 15 June 1980, p. 20ff. "A Day With Bruno

Bettelheim" An essay by Jim Jacobs about Bettelheim's talk at the

University of California Extension Center auditorium entitled

"Reflections of the Family." "He [Bettleheim] bellows a response to

the very first question, put forth by a woman in a quiet, timid voice:

'Would you comment on the homosexual family and . . .' 'A homosexual

family is not viable,' he shouts."

San Francisco Examiner, 6 December 1982, p. B2. An article entitled

"Supervisor's idea of a 'family.'" An article about Supervisor

Quentin Kopp's resolution celebrating the role of the family in

American life. "There are a number of interpersonal relationships

in San Francisco that pass for 'families'. Indeed, the Board of

Supervisors, to the embarrassment of The City, has passed an

ordinance offered by gay Supervisor Harry Britt endorsing that

concept. It would provide, in The City's administrative code,

that unwed 'domestic partners,' both heterosexual and homosexual,

could enjoy the same legal benefits as city employees who are

pledged to the traditional marriage."

Randy Roberts

Western Historical Manuscript Collection

University of Missouri-Columbia