Date: Sun, 25 Jun 1995 17:39:41 CDT From: Jeff Allen Subject: IPA fonts for WordPerfect 5.1 DOS For those of you interested in the question of an IPA font set for non- Windows applications, the Lines, boxes etc + Phonetic Edition (IPA font set configured for 9-pin, 24-pin and laser printers) is available for LINCOM EUROPA. You need MS-DOS or PC-DOS versions 2.1 or above, an EGA or VGA monitor , Wordperfect 5.1, and a compatible printer (H-P Laserjet or DeskJet, a 24-pin printer or an Epson or IBM 9-pin printer). Laser printers running with PostScript are not compatible. Lines, Boxes, etc (LBE) does not interfere with other font management procedures. Access characters directly using WP 5.1. LBE is a memory-resident program that installs automatically at printer port LPT1. when the user requires a special character/symbol from WP 5.1 character sets, the charcter number is translated into specific graphic data which are sent to the printer. LBE characters can be mixed in lines with standard printer characters. LBE was developed specifically for WP 5.0 and 5.1 with a specialized phetic character set that follows the IPA phonetic alphabet, diacritic, and symbol set. You can contact LINCOM EUROPA for more information. I also have the full brochure including printouts of the characters in dot matrix and laser printer sets. Linguistic Sales & Distribution Market LINCOM EUROPA P.O box 1316 D-8044 Unterschleissheim GERMANY Tel: 089-314-95-93 FAX 089-314-89-09 You will need to look up the country code for Germany as I do not have it here. It might be possible that you need to drop off the initial 0 when calling from outside of Germany. I am not sure of this as I have never needed to call this number. I hope this information can be useful for non-Windows users. Jeff Allen Translations Dept, Caterpillar Inc. jhallen[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] OR jeallen[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]