Date: Thu, 22 Jun 1995 13:15:56 +0100 From: debaron[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UIUC.EDU Subject: Re: A Dumb Question about the NEH In the midst of a long stretch of Republican administration and under the auspices of the much reviled Lynne Cheney, NEH funded my own modest study that led to the publication of "The English-Only Question: An Official Language for Americans?" (Yale, 1990). You would think the topic would have been too controversial for the supposedly politically-tainted NEH to touch, especially considering my argument that official language legislation was misguided and wouldn't work, but that issue never came up in my dealings with NEH. I doubt very much that a body like the Illinois Humanities Council would have wanted to fund my project, and certainly not at the level of funding I needed. Illinois is not big on giving released time to professors for just sitting and thinking and writing. How does it benefit the citizens of the state, they ask, to pay for all that down time? Besides, my work on English-only legislation in Illinois was not particularly flattering to the state pols. So, for what it's worth, I'm all for NEH and commercial-free public broadcasting. Dennis -- Dennis Baron debaron[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Department of English office: 217-333-2392 University of Illinois fax: 217-333-4321 608 South Wright Street home: 217-384-1683 Urbana, Illinois 61801