Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 09:14:52 -0500 From: Mary Howe Subject: hot as toffit In my family the expression is "hotter than Tophet." Several years ago I saw the play "Painting Churches," written by my cousin, Tina Howe. One of the characters (who closely resembled many men in the family) used the expression. I was so surprised to hear it outside my family (but not really) that I looked it up. Tophet means 'Gehenna, hell' from "a shrine in the valley of Hinnom, south of ancient Jerusalem, where human sacrifices, especially those of children, were performed to Moloch," according to Webster's 3rd. This part of the family has lived in or near Bristol, Rhode Island for generations, although I believe Tina grew up in the Boston area. Mary Howe Child Language Program Phone (913) 864-4789 University of Kansas email howe[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] 1082 Dole Center Lawrence, KS 66045