Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 10:31:36 -0400 From: "M. Lynne Murphy" <104LYN[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MUSE.ARTS.WITS.AC.ZA> Subject: Kmart in response to larry horn's response: > Well, in response to Lynne's query about misreadable non-hyphenated names and > descriptions: I'm not sure whether the constraint she mentions-- > > >but...i (and those in my great sphere of influence) use bday and cmas > >(christmas)--the former is quite wide spread among those who mark the > >joyous season of lynneukah (otherwise known as the 8 days of lynne's > >bday). (only 110 shopping days left! shop now and avoid the rush.) > > > >these are better than "krations" because, in english, you'd have to > >syllabify the "b" before "day" and the "c" before "mas", but the > >"kr-" works as an initial cluster. (the k rations e.g., is kind of > >cheating, though because it's not hyphenated in the first place.) > > is operative for me, although it clearly is for others with their own > significant spheres of influence. Some time ago I realized that the chain of > stores I've always thought of as K Mart (space, no hyphen) is officially, at > least in these parts, rendered with capital K but no space: "Check out your > neighborhood Kmart store for bargains during this special Lynneukah shopping > season!" For me, this is a severe violation, since I can only pronounce > their store [kmart], with at most a schwa to epenthesize mid-initial-cluster > (as in "c'mon" or the down-underian "G'day!"). No wonder they're heading for > bankruptcy. B'bye, Kmart! it seems to mean something that the letter that is pronounced as a letter is capitalized--we saw that in the original post about Email, though i do think this is also written as email. (it's hard to tell w/ people like me who are anti-shift-key. i read that this is the e- mail equivalent of mumbling.) actually, i have provided evidence of this elsewhere on e-mail, spelling my name lynnE, in order to be pronounced "lynnie"--a spelling i don't like because it undermines the 'e' on the end of the my name (which people tend to leave off, to my distress). when i write my name by hand, i use a macron instead, but since that's not possible here, the capital E works. Kmart, incidentally, also has the metaorthographic aid of color: the "k" is red, the "mart" blue in their logo. but this still doesn't explain bday, which, i swear, i'm not the only person to use. narcissistically yours, lynnE --------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Lynne Murphy 104lyn[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Department of Linguistics phone: 27(11)716-2340 University of the Witwatersrand fax: 27(11)716-8030 Johannesburg 2050 SOUTH AFRICA