Date: Wed, 14 Jun 1995 08:37:40 -0500 From: Shana Walton Subject: Re: new phrase > > would presumably call for a hyphen and/or cap E. After all it's D-Day, not > dday, g-man (perhaps a better fit, since that's a description like e-mail > rather than a name like D-Day), Actually, according to _Chicago_, it's D day, not D-Day or D Day (see sec. 7.75) and Webster's Collegiate agrees. AP uses D-Day, however. personally, I use email. New York Times has deemed it E-mail. go figure. K rations (not krations),... I think it's > productive, too: I've seen b-day and B-day (for birthday). -- Shana Walton Mississippi Oral History Program University of Southern Mississippi swalton[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (601) 266-5606