Date: Sun, 11 Jun 1995 21:43:54 -0400 From: James C Stalker Subject: Re: meddle the OED under meddle, sense 5 (in my 1971 edition) has meddle as having sexual intercourse from 1340. Certainly in the South, messing with someone has the same semantic range as meddling seems to have. Don't mess with me can mean: Leave me alone unless you want a fight, and Don't make sexual advances unless you are serious. You might also consider the possible phonological relationship of /bIdIs/ and /bIzdIz/, keeping in mind the voiced/voiceless alternation in /wI_O/ and /wId/, that is voiceless sometimes voices when going from interdental fricative to stop. On the other hand, the OED says that the /d/ is intrusive as in thunor/thunder, but in this case before liquids rather than nasals. Hey, why not!