Date: Fri, 9 Jun 1995 18:39:53 -0400 From: "E. Wayles Browne" Subject: Re: meddle >Is anyone familiar with the use of the verb "meddle" meaning 'to make sexual >advances'? If so, could you please give me an illustrative sentence as well >as details of when, where, and by whom you've heard it used? >Thanks. > >Joan Hall, DARE I know it only from hearing a 'dirty' song recorded by Oscar Brand, 'Roll the Leg Over'. "I wish all the world was like Hansel and Gretel. If I was Hansel, I'd meddle with Gretel." I thought at the time it was a creative use of meddle 'interfere', rather than an established usage. Wayles Browne, Assoc. Prof. of Linguistics Dept. of Modern Languages and Linguistics, Morrill Hall Cornell University Ithaca, New York 14853, U.S.A. tel. 607-255-0712 (o), 607-273-3009 (h) e-mail ewb2[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] (1989 to 1993 was: jn5j[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]cornella.bitnet // jn5j[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]