Date: Mon, 20 Jun 1994 19:15:32 EDT From: AAllan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM Subject: Double modals (in general) It's a good thing _American Speech_ Vol 69 No 1 is about to go out in the mail to members of the American Dialect Society! Because its lead article is a most informative study on d.m.'s, or rather "The pragmatics of multiple modal variation in North and South Carolina." The authors Margaret Mishoe and Michael Montgomery. If yall arent yet members of the American Dialect Society and thus are likely to miss this issue, you might could remedy the lack by sending $30 for the year to: Executive Secretary Allan Metcalf - MacMurray College English Dept - Jacksonville Illinois 62650. Or for free I'll send our newsletter with more particulars. - A. M.