Date: Sat, 11 Jun 1994 22:35:56 EDT From: AAllan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM Subject: N*E*W*S from A*D*S Read all about it! - Full program for the American Dialect Society annual meeting! - Full details on how to reserve your room for that meeting in our incomparable San Diego (Coronado) location, at our special price! - Full programs for A.D.S. regional meetings: Rocky Mountain, South Central, Midwest, South Atlantic! - Our PC program for the NCTE convention! - Our preliminary program for the LSA annual meeting, and a second call for papers! - Nine new books by A.D.S. members! - The scoop on what you can find at the Western Historical MS. Collection in Columbia, Missouri! - How you can learn the secrets of slang, six times a year! - Answers to 8 basic questions about Cajun language and culture! - A special 4-page report on trends in teaching about language variation! - Preview of the next 3 issues of _Publication of the American Dialect Society_! Is that all? Hah! No, we also have the scoop on - NWAV at Stanford Oct 20-23! Where to send abstracts, who the invited speakers are, what the special performances will be! - The Dictionary Society of North America. Want to know where they'll meet next summer, and who's the organizer? Whew! Well, the only way you can get all this (and more) information is to open your copy of the May 1994 issue of the _Newsletter of the American Dialect Society_. It is now in the first class mail (or air mail overseas) to members of the A.D.S. If you are not a member, send me your s-mail address and I'll send you a free copy. Or you can send through the US mail the $30 annual dues, and you'll get this plus our quarterly journal _American Speech_ plus our annual monograph _P.A.D.S._, which this year will feature - well, read all about it in the newsletter! Members, check your mailboxes in the week of June 13....then settle down in the cool shade with a tall one and feast on the news. Allan Metcalf Executive Secretary, A.D.S. MacMurray College English Dept Jacksonville, Illinois 62650 USA