Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 22:58:12 -0400

From: "Bethany K. Dumas" dumasb[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UTK.EDU

Subject: Re: Ozark Folk, the Clean Air Act, and Pollution Credits

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, TERRY IRONS continued the query:

But we (this inchoate ultra-orthodox-bardo-thodal-zen-jew

and I, as if there is a difference between us) also have an intuition

that there is another term for self and/or other reference to people from

the Ozarks, in contrast to people from the Appalachians. Is there such

a self or other reference term, or is our intuition wrong?

I've told you all I know -- if they are hillbillies, they call themselve

hillbillies (but see earlier note). Please let me know what you learn.



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