Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 16:14:43 +0200

From: Beat Siebenhaar b7haar[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]DS.UNIZH.CH

Subject: Re: nurse / "sister"

In Switzerland the term 'Schwester' (siter) is used to adress women with

the official term 'Krankenschwester' (sick persons sister), women with a 4

jear education. For women with a shorter education there is the official

term 'Krankenpflegerin' (=89 nurse), but normally they also are called

'Schwester'. Now more and more also men become 'Krankenschwester', but its

not usual to call them 'Krankenbruder' (sick persons brother), what would

be the corresponding therm, but 'Krankenpfleger' although the have al full


Beat Siebenhaar