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From: jeffrey howard allen jhallen[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]INDIANA.EDU

Subject: Re: "over there" -- where? (fwd)

Thought the rest of the group would like to see my response as I see that

subsequent replies have been sent directly to the list.


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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 11:29:34 -0500 (EST)

From: jeffrey howard allen jhallen[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]


Subject: Re: "over there" -- where? (fwd)


I think there is a spatial aspect to deal with in this inquiry, depending

on where one lives.

No for Mexico 1 because I would say "down there (in Mexico)"

No for Latin America 2 because I would also say "down there (in L.A)"

Yes for Europe 3

Yes for Asia 4

No for Canada as I would say "up there (in Canada)"

If I were living in France again, my answers would probably change due to

geographical orientations of where I live with respect to where the

country or region in question is located.

Minneapolis, MN (ages 2-8)

Portland, OR (ages 8-23)



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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 10:46:49 -0500

From: Timothy C. Frazer mftcf[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UXA.ECN.BGU.EDU

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Subject: Re: "over there" -- where?

Dear Reader:

Please respond to this usage query:

"It's better over there."

Please indicate which of the following may be referents for "over there."

a. Mexico

b. Latin America

c. Europe

d. Asia, or any part of Asia

e. Canada

Please indicate which is your "mother dialect" of spoken ENglish.


Tim Frazer