Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1993 20:36:29 -0700

From: "Joseph B. Monda" monda[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]SEATTLEU.EDU

Subject: Re: Methods VIII


nobody in Seattle flies to Victoria except peerhaps rich folks. There are

several boats every day that bomb up to Victoria from Seattle. It doesn't

take long and the scenry is great. Want me to find out more info for you?

Joe Monda

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1993 14:58:03 GMT


Subject: English prepositions: Scottish Gaelic discussion

I just couldn't resist forwarding this from GAELIC-L[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]IRLEARN.UCD.IE.

The topic was, well, you can probably guess. I've put translation

of the Scottish Gaelic in 's.

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sgriobh Donald Fisk donald[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] :


"Why did you bring that book I didn't want to be read out of to

about Down Under up for?" :-)

Chan eil "why...for" deagh Bheurla mar a tha mi a smaoineachadh.

'S fearr "what...for", nach e?

It isn't "why...for" in English as far as I know. "What...for"

is better, isn't it?


Tha thu ceart! You're right!

Rinn mi mearachd, "tha "What ... for?" nas fhea\rr.

I made a mistake, "What...for" is better

Ach chan eil dad cea\rr le na 8 roimh-bhriathran, ge ta.

But there's nothing wrong with the 8 prepositions, though.


Michael Everson

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Subject: Methods VIII

As I wrote Natalie Maynor, contact Clipper Navigation, Inc. 1-206-448-5000,

in Seattle for schedule, reservations, prices, etc. I was able to obtain

a non-cancellable reservation, round-trip ticket for $69.00. The Victoria

Clipper takes one to Victoria in 2 1/2 hours. There are other ferries, but

the Clipper is the fastest and most direct. CLHouck

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 1993 16:37:27 -0700

From: "Thomas L. Clark" tlc[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]NEVADA.EDU

Subject: Re: Methods VIII TRAVEL PLANS

Natalie's plan to fly to Seattle is a good one. The hydrofoil is nice,

I've taken it (about ninety minutes). I don't know what you mean by not-

very-expensive. It was around $80 US the last time I took it. For a few

dollars more, I took a seaplane (about a five-seater) from the harbour in

front of the Empress Hotel, Victoria, to Lake Union in Seattle. What a

terrific trip. You fly low enough to appreciate the view.

My only regret is that the Princess Margaret no longer

sails from Seattle to Vancouver. That was gracious, almost-Victorian,


Now the cheapest way to go is to take the bus from SeaTac to Vancouver,

then the passenger ferry to Vancouver Island. On the ferry you can buy a bus

ticket that will take you to downtown Victoria. If you know just where

to get off, the bus driver will drop you near the campus and you can take

a very short cab ride to campus housing.


Tom Clark


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Any of you who are planning on going to Methods VIII better start making

travel arrangements. I thought I was getting an early start by trying to

buy a plane ticket today (since I'm going to be out of town for much of

July). There are *no* seats left from Victoria to Seattle on August 8

except on Air Alaska, which would make the price several hundred dollars

over the estimate I got from Northwest a month or two ago. Same for

August 9. The travel agent said that she's never seen flights from

Canada so full this far in advance -- that something big must be happening

around that time

--Natalie (maynor[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]