Date: Sat, 29 Jul 1995 09:58:41 -0400 From: "M. Lynne Murphy" <104LYN[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MUSE.ARTS.WITS.AC.ZA> Subject: Re: ecstasy, Ecstacy orin hargraves asks: > 1. Does this drug go by the same name in the US? Is there a commoner name for > it? no, the commonest name for it in the u.s. is "ecstasy". lots of nicknames, the commonest of which is probably "E". > 2. Is there a valid reason to spell it with an initial cap and penultimate c, > rather than s? no idea. lynne m. --------------------------------------------------------------------- M. Lynne Murphy 104lyn[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Department of Linguistics phone: 27(11)716-2340 University of the Witwatersrand fax: 27(11)716-8030 Johannesburg 2050 SOUTH AFRICA