End of ADS-L Digest - 26 Jul 1995 to 27 Jul 1995 ************************************************ There are 10 messages totalling 255 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Your Momma -- Sexual Connotation? (5) 2. put up, off-the-point (2) 3. "...and them..." (2) 4. Yo' Momma ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 11:46:25 MST From: Tom Uharriet Subject: Re: Your Momma -- Sexual Connotation? Shana Walton wrote: > I also have been cautioned by Northeastern and West Coast friends > (WASP-types) that it is rude, or at least can appear nosy, to inquire after > people's mamas, as in "how's your mama and them?" People apparently don't > all bring their families into their cognitive work world. Some told me > it's rather elitist, not a sign of civil concern (as in we're all > supposed to be seen as indivduals, family-free?) to ask about people's family > backgrounds (as in "who's your mama and them"). My friends said only people > who were concerned with your pedigree would ask this question and therefore > that people will take it wrong, as if you're trying to "sniff them out." Is > this true? I'm from Los Angeles. I've never noticed any offences by questions about parents. But then, I don't ever remember anyone asking about them unless they already personally knew them. On the other hand, I've seen fights break out in response to the words, "Your Momma!" I'm not sure, but these words may have a sexual connotation. One person insults another. The second responds, "F___ You!" The first says, "Your Mother!" Is this a California thing? I've lived in Utah for six years and haven't heard it here once. --Tom Tom Uharriet Springville, Utah utom[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]admin.712.nebo.edu