Date: Tue, 25 Jul 1995 11:14:20 -0300 From: Chris Brooks Subject: Re: "On the Thames.." Yes, Ditra and Ken, the Connecticut river is pronounced as spelled, Thames-rhymes-with-James-and-begins-with-interdental-unvoiced-fricative. Incidentally, the small city of Norwich is pronounced differently, too. The 'w' is pronounced, and it would be 'nor-witch' except that the prevailing CT accent makes it closer to 'naw - witch.'! Other New England place names vary from their English counterparts-- memory fails me this instant--but the CT city of Berlin is stressed on the first syllable: BER-lin. I think this was a circa-WW II change, as a result of some anti-German feeling. ADS-ers, please correct if I'm wrong. Chris Brooks / Kuwait via Hartford.