Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 18:33:30 -0500 From: Daniel S Goodman Subject: ! DROP LIKE FLIES (fwd) ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 13:59:41 -0500 (EST) From:thrasher[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] To: stumpers-list[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CRF.CUIS.EDU Subject: ! DROP LIKE FLIES According to _Have a nice day -- no problem! : a dictionary of cliches_ by Christine Ammer (Dutton 1992) drop like flies, to. To collapse rapidly, referring to a group rather than an individual. Although this term calls to mind flies that are being hit with a spray of insceticide and is, in fact, used for human beings subjected to gunfire or an epidemic of disease, "like flies" has meant in large numbers of quanities since Shakespeare's time. "The common people swarm like summer flies" wrote the bard (Henry VI, Part 2, 6:8) Hope this helps some. Debby Thrasher**Edison Community College**Piqua, OH**thrasher[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]* voice (513) 778-8600 x 287 fax (513) 778-1920 "It is better to know useless things than to know nothing" Seneca