Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 18:13:04 -0700 From: Sylvia Swift Subject: Re: Woman/Lady, Hot as Tofet Thing one: this weekend I saw Billy Wilder's _The Major and the Minor_ (1942). Ginger Rogers' exasperated Iowan fiance says of her, "She can go to Tofet . . . . to brimstone Tofet!" I didn't save any of the earlier posts about the region, and I'm not sure if it's f or ph or t or T, but there it is. Thing two: > Weren't we discussing the differences between phrases like "lady doctor" and > "woman doctor" a while back? (If it was somewhere else, well, it *should* have > been here, too.) In Moscow, I was amused to see that a local English-language paper, which presents a tv guide, retranslates the title of the dubbed version of _Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman_ into _Dr. Quinn, Lady Doctor_. Well, ok, so it's trivial, but since we're getting posts about wireless alarms . . . . Sylvia Swift madonna[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]