Date: Mon, 17 Jul 1995 17:52:56 -0500 From: mai kuha Subject: Case studies needed Dear colleagues, I'm preparing to teach an introductory course in language variation, and I'd like to get your help. Could you recommend any case studies, either from published sources or from your own experience, that would be appropriate for class discussion? What I'm looking for in a case study is a description of a real situation, preferably a somewhat controversial one. Ideally, it would include some background information, a description of the conflicts involved, the sequence of events up to a point where a decision is needed, and a description of the actual decision taken. Since the course is on language variation, relevant case studies would include anecdotes on discrimination in the workplace or in the educational system because of language choice or dialect choice, or cases involving difficult decisions in language planning or language legislation. I've never used case studies before, so advice and comments are also welcome! My address is mkuha[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Thanks for your help. Mai Kuha