Date: Thu, 13 Jul 1995 18:11:25 -0800 From: "Alan S. Kaye" Subject: Re: oj trial Allow me to clarify my recent point on this network and the 2 responses: I am a pretty good mimic and can imitate quite a few accents. So, too, are many others. So if I say a sentence or two in AAVE, pronounced perfectly, or even several sentences, a hearer might conclude that I am African American. However, I am not, of course. In terms of auditory phonetics, many people do not have good hearing, and many also have distorted conclusions based on stereotypes, etc., as Sali Mufwene has noted. Thus, listening to a few words, on tape, or on the telephone, or in person, can result in misidentification of race. Anyone out there who can identify someone's race from his/her speech, let's put you to the test. It's that simple! Now, am I missing something or what? I hope everyone is having a nice summer. --Alan Kaye-- Linguistics, CSU, Fullerton akaye[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]