End of ADS-L Digest - 5 Jul 1995 to 6 Jul 1995 ********************************************** Message 1: From owner-ADS-L[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UGA.CC.UGA.EDU Fri Jul 7 23:03 CDT 1995 Date: Sat, 8 Jul 1995 00:00:39 -0400 From: Automatic digest processor Subject: ADS-L Digest - 6 Jul 1995 to 7 Jul 1995 To: Recipients of ADS-L digests There are 5 messages totalling 145 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Faculty and Librarian (3) 2. Bounced Mail 3. acronyms, initialisms, and such ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 23:48:42 -0700 From: Gail Stygall Subject: Faculty and Librarian One of our librarians here has posted a query to me and I thought I would pass it on the list and ask for practices on other campuses. The "faculty" code applicable to librarians is being revised and the librarians are finding themselves irritated by not being able to use a "correct" usage that parallels faculty as a group noun. They see their options as follows: librarian's code librarians' code librarian code They prefer the third and wonder if others have had similar decisions to make and what they chose (and how they defended it if they selected #3). Cheers, Gail ________________________________________________________________________ Gail Stygall (206) 685-2384 English, Box 354330, University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195-4330 ________________________________________________________________________