End of ADS-L Digest - 3 Jul 1994 to 4 Jul 1994 ********************************************** There are 8 messages totalling 163 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Job in the Phonetics of Irish English (2) 2. Dog Language (2) 3. Church house (4) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 15 Jul 1994 15:31:00 GMT From: J.Kirk[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]QUEENS-BELFAST.AC.UK Subject: Job in the Phonetics of Irish English I wonder whether anyone out there might be interested in applying for a new and additional lectureship in english Language and Linguistics at the Queen's University of Belfast. This additional post has come about in response to the strong research and teaching record of the present full-time language staff and we are looking for someone skilled and qualified in the phonetics and phonology of English (but especially phonetics) who is willing to research on and make a substantial contribution to the scholarship on the phonetics of Irish English. We have a modest computer-based speech laboratory in the school, and the new lecturer would be encouraged to develop it. Anyone interested in making informal enquiries with me is welcome to get in touch by phone (+44) 232 245133 ext 3815; by fax (+44) 232 314615; or by email ENG0997[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]QUB.AC.UK. Anyone intending to apply will need to deal with the university's personnel office as special forms will have to be issued individually. Its phone number is (+44) 232 245133 Ext. 3044 or 3246. Its fax number is (+44) 232 324994 or 310629. The clsing date is FRIDAY 22 JULY 1994. I apologise for only posting this now, but I have been on holiday until yesterday. This has been my earliest opportunity. This is a permanent job and appointment could be made at any point on the UK Lecturer A or B scales which run from 14756 to 25735 pounds. Overseas applications would be welcome! With thanks, JOHN KIRK School of English The Queen's University of Belfast