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DYMUNO (pronounced 'da-mee-no') means "to wish or desire" according to my

colleague Ros Temple.

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Subject: Welsh

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Dear Folks,

I am off the list as I try to finish off this summer session, but one of my

colleagues would appreciate some help with Welsh. She has a Welsh pony and

wants to give it a Welsh name. Its English name is Make a Wish. How would

one say that in Welsh?

Please reply to the address below or forward this query to someone who

knows Welsh.

Wayne Glowka

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Subject: Welsh

The pony's name is Make A Wish. If you find a translation, I'll be

grateful. If not, you can bring your kid out to sit on him anyway. She'd

enjoy it. Any time we're home is fine.



Sandi Dimon

Georgia College & State University

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