Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 16:29:28 EDT

From: Terry Lynn Irons t.irons[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MOREHEAD-ST.EDU

Subject: Beans

I was out picking the first batch of beans in my garden today, and I

wondered where the name for the variety I was picking came from.

I know about snap beans and string beans (having done both, string and

snap'em, that is). I have some Blue Lake beans coming on later, which I

recognize as a commercial name. And then there is your good old Kentucky

wonder pole bean.

What I was picking are half-runners. There are now many varieties of

half runner in terms of seed name (mountaineer, white, etc)

Does any one know where the name "half runner" for a kind of green originated?

How widespread is the use of this term for a kind of green bean, beyond

seed catalogues and truck garden road side vendors?


Virtually, Terry


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