Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 19:34:10 -0400

From: Robert Howren howren[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]EMAIL.UNC.EDU

Subject: Re: nasal flaps?

I haven't yet seen in the discussion of nasal flaps any suggestion

that there might be a distinctive difference between nasalized and

nasal flaps. One of the linguistic remnants of my South Midland

upbringing (northwest Georgia) in my phonology is a three-way contrast

among _batter_, with a straightforward oral palatoalveolar flap; _banter_,

with the vowel nasalized by the deleted /n/ and the rightward spreading of

the nasality feature to yield a slightly nasalized flap and following

syllabic; and _banner_, which has a nasalized vowel preceding a fully

nasal flap -- an allophone of an intersyllabic nasal stop. The

rightward spread of nasality, in this case as in that of banter ,

slightly nasalizes the final syllabic.

Any support from other South Midland speakers?


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