Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 22:09:14 -0400


Subject: Re: Golden Oldies

At 11:32 AM 7/7/97 -0400, Ron Butters wrote:

.... Did you check the obvious slang dictionary sources before asking this


No, the holdings at Piedmont College are rather small, and library budgets

are getting smaller (and perhaps smaller still if Richard Jewel has his

way), and I didn't have time to drive "Out of the hills of Habersham/ Down

through the valleys of Hall" to the 'Plastic City" (Athens). Anyway, my

wife said, "You can find these things on the internet." Besides, it opened

an interesting thread.

In contribution to my own query, when I first met Karl Nicholas he came to

me after I had presented a paper, introduced himself, and said, "I bet you

thought 'cock' referred to female anatomy until you entered the service."

He was right. Is anyone else familiar with that usage? Some ten years

later Karl reported that when he was in Jamaica a little girl asked if he

wanted to see her 'cockle' (for money, of course).

Bill Smith

Piedmont College