Date: Tue, 8 Jul 1997 19:14:35 -0400


Subject: Book notices: Results

Hello ADSers,

I have been away from the net a few days to celebrate the anniversary of

the declaration of our right to revolution against an unjust power (the

real meaning of Jefferson's press release, as I was recently reminded).

So the results are in on the recent vote about book notices:

YES 12

NO 1

Actually, Zwicky's no should count for about 6 ballots, as he makes an

excellent point. The information is available elsewhere and to clutter

up Ads-L with same. . .

Virginia Clark's concern is that the notices be scholarly. Peter

Patrick wants us to know that he isn't going to write them.

It seems then that ADS-L will now allow book notices to be posted. In

addition to what the people from various publishers provide, it would be

nice if notices of publications by ADS members, which are included in

PADS, would be posted on the list for discussion by members.

Virtually, Terry


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