"BITE" UPDATE: Connie Eble's COLLEGE SLANG 101 (1989) has "that bites" and

"bite the big one" on page 95. On page 94, there is "bite moose," which

comes with an illustration. If you see Connie, complement her on the "bite

moose" illustration, which is certainly helpful in grasping that obtuse "bite

moose" concept.

"STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER" UPDATE: On Presidents Day in February, I posted

the origin of the phrase "Stars and Stripes Forever" and wrote that I had

suggested the 100th anniversary postage stamp for 1997.

The 100th anniversary was May 14th. This weekend was July 4th. I went

to my local post office; the stamp was announced for 1997 but has not yet

come out. Obviously, they're waiting for Elvis's birthday in August.

I filled out a complaint/compliment form in January about this, and got

no response. In April 1997, I filled out a Freedom of Information Act

request. All I wanted to know was who suggested the stamp, when's it coming

out, and what happened to my suggestion (which mentioned that J. P. Sousa's

grandson lived in my building).

On May 21, Consumer Affairs Analyst Margaret Madison of the USPS in New

York wrote that "Your inquiry is being referred to the Citizens' Stamp

Advisory Committee....I am sure this matter will be given prompt and proper


I never heard back on my FOIL request.