Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 17:04:37 EDT

From: Terry Lynn Irons t.irons[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MOREHEAD-ST.EDU

Subject: Re: Quick Question (re "needs washed")

"Needs washed" as contrasted with "needs to be washed" (to answer a

question asked) extends across Kentucky. If I remember a post Don Lance

made a year or so ago, the usage extends into Missouri: I vaguely

remember an example of "These cars need sold."

I would argue that the "I want off"/"I want to get off" alternation is an

example of the same phenomenon. The distribution for "I want off," which

I suggest parallels "needs washed," is represented in Figure 159 of

Kurath's Word Geography (1949)


Virtually, Terry


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