Dear Allan,

A note from Charlotte Read (dated June 1st) acknowledges the letter we

sent from ADS/Chicago wishing them well. Would you please copy this to

any people you think would be interested in it.


* * * * *

Dear Richard,

Even though it is so very late, I would like you to know how much

Allen appreciated the greetings you sent from the ADS/ANS meeting on

December 29 in Chicago. Allen is not writing letters these days, but his

health is continuing to improve and he is getting along very well.

Tomorrow he will celebrate his 90th birthday. He walks around the

neighborhood every day, and enjoys reading. He thanks you for collecting

and sending the list of friends at the Chicago meeting. We hope you will

have a fine summer.

Sincerely, MANY THANKS!

Charlotte Allen

P. S. We also enjoyed the list of candidates for words of the year 1995.