Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 08:58:00 EST

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Subject: off-the-point

Joan Hall asked about a NYC game called "off-the-point." I remember in

the 1960s (when I was a teenager) playing a variation of the game

described--"throwing a spaldeen at the corner edge of a building." The

difference was that my friends and I in Ridgewood, Queens (an outer-

borough neighborhood of NYC) threw a rubber ball (pronounced

"spaldeen" but spelled "Spalding"; actually a Pensee Pinkie was better

because it bounced higher) against a point on a step of a stoop, so

the game was called "stoop ball." Stoop ball is a variation of

baseball, with teams and innings. I never heard of a game involving a

corner edge of a building."

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