Date: Tue, 18 Jul 1995 09:30:00 CDT


Subject: Re: regional differences

Shana Walton inquires about the distribution of coke as a

general term for what we call 'pop' around here.

The temporal and regional expansion of generic coke is

related, completely and revealingly, in an article by Tom

Murray in the upcoming (September 95) issue of NAMES.

If you would care to join the American Name Society for

1996, thus receiving all four issues for 96 (plus other

goodies), I will send you a copy of the Sept 95 issue

free. Regular memberships are $30. In addition to Murray's

'Coke' article, the September issue contains John Moore's

'Muskogee Personal Names' and Richard Coates' 'The First

American Placename in England: Pimlico.' Plus reviews and

shorter pieces.

If you do join the Society under this arrangement, specify

that your dues are for calendar 96.


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