Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 11:13:49 GMT+1200

From: Tim Behrend t.behrend[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AUCKLAND.AC.NZ

Subject: Re: S'mores revisited

On 8 July 1995, Jeff Allen wrote:

A couple of months ago, someone asked what S'mores were. Quite a

few replies were posted. I was at the store the other day and


up a little brochure put together by Hershey's entitled "S'more Fun

with Hershey's". It gives the recipes for Indoor S'mores, Outdoor

S'mores, Sprinkle S'mores, Sundae S'mores, Cookie S'mores, S'mores

Blond Brownies, and Milk Chocolate Crispy Treats. Hershey's claims

that they invented the Original S'mores recipe.

I am pretty certain that the whole S'more string, however

interesting, was a mistake, given the character of the restaurant

from whose menu the query first arose. The dish in question was

probably some sort of sweetish, clove spiced SEMUR of Indian,

Malaysian, Singaporean, or Indonesian origin, not the gloppy graham

cracker sandwich dripping with chocolate and marshmallow.

Tim Behrend

University of Auckland