Date: Tue, 29 Jul 1997 12:39:27 PDT From: barbara harris Subject: Re: SME t + glide (was canadian choon for tune) Re vs /tjuzdi/: If you are (as I am) one of the CE speakers who uses the t+glide regularly (tune, Tuesday, student, stew, etc. - and the voiced version as well, eg due/dew vs do), then the difference is probably registral (i.e. rapid/casual speech vs more formal speech). For instance, I'd say to a class, "The next quiz will be on /tyuzdi/," but leaving the office on Friday afternoon, I'll likely say, "See ya " (it's against my principles to come in on a Monday). Of course, there are a lot of CE speakers who would never use either of these versions, but stick to the plain /t/ and /d/. And then there's a sort of half-way pronunciation that I'm not even going to attempt to represent here.