Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 17:24:38 -0700 From: Sylvia Swift Subject: Re: ough i don't know who minnie elmer is. a colleague passed this along as something to use for teaching; a whole slough of rhymes, as it were. gough street (in san francisco) rhymes with off. sylvia swift madonna[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ---------- Forwarded message ---------- In San Francisco passing through I came upon a street named Gough; Allergic to a street named Gough I there began to sneeze and cough; I parked my car beneath a bough That overhung the street sign "Gough," And rested there awhile, although I did not like the street named Gough. No, I did not like the street named Gough About which this is quite enough. --Minnie Elmer