Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 13:56:51 -0400 From: David Bergdahl Subject: "serial killer" vs. "spree" For example: in the following passage both are used. My intuition is that spree is ill-chosen because it suggests the killing done in a single act as Richard ? killing all those nurses or a gunman openning fire in a McDonald's. Serial also suggests to me a string of murders in the same locale. What's distinctive here is not the sexual orientation of the murderer and his victim--which may be accidental--but that the murders are located in spots so far apart with no apparent "logic" to them, other than Richard Pryor's famous rendition, "They was home." *** Miami police seek serial killer in Versace murder Police and the FBI hunted an alleged serial killer and male prostitute they believe murdered fashion king Gianni Versace as royalty, stars, friends and admirers mourned the man who dressed the world's beautiful people. Versace was shot twice in the head on the steps of his Miami Beach mansion by a lone gunman Tuesday morning. Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Barreto said lawmen were searching for Andrew Cunanan, 27, already wanted in connection with four previous murders during a two-week, cross-country killing spree that began in Minneapolis in April. For the full text story, see Versace house joins grisly roster of murder sites, For the full text story, see ===================================================================== == David Bergdahl Ellis Hall 114c Ohio University / Athens Associate Prof Fall Qtr office hrs: 9 TTh & by appointment English Dept tel: (614) 593-2783 fax: (614) 593-2818 bergdahl[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ===================================================================== ==