Date: Fri, 11 Jul 1997 15:09:36 -0400 From: Ron Butters Subject: so who tightened your velopharyngeal portal? Garland writes: >We're talking about an alveolar nasal with the rapidity of >articulation that makes it a tap or flap rather than a stop. >Thus, for me,"sentence" has a nasal tap/flap while "penance" >has a nasal stop. For some people, this phenomenon might be a >nasalized vowel and a "regular" (non-nasal) alveolar tap, but >for me it's definitely a nasal tap. Given (I think that this is true) that most speakers of American English keep their velopharyngeal ports open unless they HAVE to close them, aren't all AE flaps more or less "nasal(ized)"?