Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 12:18:37 -0800 From: jarthurs Subject: Re: clorox or whatever >I have just been browsing through some of our evidence for "smelt" as >the past of "smell" and find that most of the recent stuff comes from >British writers, although a couple from American magazines may be >Americans. It was not uncommon in older American English. I leave >you with this odoriferous sample: > >The whale was not a long one, physically speaking--say thirty-five >feet--but he smelt much longer; he smelt as much as a mile and a half >longer, I should say, for we travelled about that distance beyond him >before we ceased to detect his fragrance in the atmosphere.--Mark >Twain > >EWG I'm confused: is this thread about spelling or speaking? I see "smelled" but I hear "smelt". Don't you? TTFN! Dr. James Arthurs, Advisor, Applied Linguistics Programmes, Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria, Box 3045, Victoria, B.C. Tel: (250) 721-7432) Canada V8W 3P4 Fax: (250) 721-7423)