Date: Mon, 7 Jul 1997 11:36:13 PST8 From: Simonie Hodges Subject: Re: Hotlanta Just a sidenote to the Hotlanta conversation to add that a convention was recently held in Atlanta that was entitled "Totally Hotlanta", referring to the "Totally Hot" album released by Olivia Newton-John, for whose fans the convention was held. Simonie The following is an attached File item from cc:Mail. It contains information that had to be encoded to ensure successful transmission through various mail systems. To decode the file use the UUDECODE program. --------------------------------- Cut Here --------------------------------- begin 644 rfc822.txt M4F5C96EV960Z(&)Y(&-C;6%I;"!F2!F=RUE2`\0413+4Q`54=!+D-# M+E5'02Y%1%4^#0I396YD97(Z($%M97)I8V%N($1I86QE8W0[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]4V]C:65T>2`\ M0413+4Q`54=!+D-#+E5'02Y%1%4^#0I&