Date: Tue, 1 Jul 1997 16:53:59 -0700 From: Peter Farruggio Subject: Re: Agita I have no academic background in Italian language...just learned Southern dialect at home...Agita is a noun and means "upset stomach" usually provoked by stress. I don't know if this jibes with a dictionary, but it's how the speakers use it...Don't think there is any derivation from the participle Pete Farruggio >For a newspaper column, I am trying to trace the word "agita" in English. >It is absent from most dictionaries, both standard and slang, and Anne >Soukhanov, in her "Word Watch," notes 1982 as an "early" citation, which >seems awfully late to me. Does anyone have anything earlier, or a sense of >how the Italian "agitato" became "agita"? > >Thanks, >Evan >-- >Evan Morris >words1[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]